World Languages - Unit Plan

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2 Week Unit Plan

Procedural Knowledge- Lessons

Day 1

Previous Knowledge: Pass out a picture attached to the lesson. Ask students to give examples in English of clauses that express wishes, doubt, advice, reactions, emotions, impersonal expression, and hope. Students should use the picture to guide their reactions. The Spanish language has a different verb form when the above feelings are expressed; this form is called the subjunctive. (10 minutes)

Declarative Knowledge:
At the end of this lesson, students will understand how to conjugate verbs into the subjunctive present tense. They will also be introduced to the contexts in which subjunctive verbs are used.

Procedural Knowledge:

-laminated cards with subjunctive clauses
-laminated cards with the following verbs (10 sets of cards):
tener, ayudar, hablar , comer, limpiar , levar, pelear , trabajar , leer, vivir, estar , beber , tomar, asistir, estudiar
-list of statements that will be read by teacher as well as be presented on an overhead

1.En vez de estudiar, Jaime fue a la tienda para comprar dulces. 2. Jose recibio una nota mala y no sabe porque.
3.Natalia quiere comprar un auto nuevo pero no tiene bastante dinero. 4.Mario esta enfermo y por eso no puede comer.
5.Jessica tiene un examen manana y esta nerviosa.
6. El cumpleanos de Anita es manana pero sus padres estan en viaje y oyeron que el avion no esta funcionando. 7. Mis padres me dijieron que van a llevar el pastel a mi boda. 8. Me gustaria venir a tu casa pero no se si tengo tiempo.

9. Mis amigos iba a venir a mi casa pero hay mucha trafica en la calle. 10. La mama de Anita esta en el hospital.

1.Overview of present subjunctive
-The present subjunctive is used to express advice, reactions, and wishes - We will use the acronym WEIRDO to remember when the subjunctive is used. Wishes, Emotion , Impersonal expressions , Requests , Doubt or denial , Ojala examples (ask students which category they think the examples will fit in): I hope your mom gets out of the hospital soon Its necessary that you study to get good grades

I think that you should clean your room before your parents get home I hope that you come to my party tomorrow
-Split the board up into 2 sections , separated by the word que.
The present subjunctive can be broken up into a dependent and independent clause. As the different clauses are explained, write the independent in the left column and the dependent in the right.

+The independent clause comes first in a sentence and expresses a wish, emotion, impersonal expressions, requests, doubt, or hope. Examples include: I recommend that ; I hope that ; She wants , You are happy that ; It's unfortunate that ......etc.

+ The independent clause is then connected with the word que (that) and is followed by the dependent clause. The dependent clause includes the object of the advice/wish/hope/emotion . The subject MUST change between the dependent and independent clause

- Have students brainstorm possible subjunctive sentences in English in pairs. Write the independent clause in the left column and the dependent in the right, decide what category of WEIRDO it can be applied to. (30 minutes)

2. Regular Verb Forms
-On board write out the following:
-with present subjunctive you take of the -ar or -er/-ir ending and depending on the subject, add the appropriate ending. As already stated, the subjunctive verb in the dependent clause must be a different subject than the verb in the independent clause

ex: Creo que debas hablar con el profe.
I believe that you should talk with the professor. I and you are different subjects

-Put the overhead up of different statements. Have students form pairs and use the laminated cards to create responses to the overhead...
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