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Teacher’s Name:Class/Period: 7th Grade English
Unit/ Lesson Plan Topic: Summary WritingDate: 10/8/08
What is a Summary? Why do we summarize?
Summarizing Expository Text
California Content Standards: Writing Applications 2.5 Write summaries of reading materials: a. Include the main ideas and most significant details
b. Use the student’s own words, except for quotations
c. Reflect underlying meaning, not just the superficial details. Objectives: When asked to summarize passages from expository texts, students will be able to use a scaffolding technique to correctly identify main ideas and other essential information to include in a concise manner. Students will be able to determine what information should be excluded and the rationale for this. Additionally, with the completion of the lesson (and following day’s lesson), students will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of a majority of summaries in terms of brevity and main ideas presented. Materials Needed: Handouts, overhead, paper and pen.

Teacher Procedures
Student Responsibilities
5 mins.

5 mins.

10 mins.

20 mins.

3 mins.

3 mins.
1) Begin with a discussion of what a summary is and why we summarize. Students and teacher openly discuss topic together and teacher will encourage student ideas and thoughts.

2) Distribute Handout 1 “Summarizing Expository Text.” Inform them that handout should be kept in binders, as they will use these as a reference/guide when summarizing later passages. Use handout as shared reading exercise. Discuss scaffolding on handout and ask questions regarding scaffolding just discussed to ensure comprehension.

3) Post overhead transparency/pass out Handout 2 and pass out Handout 2.1 “Summary of ___”. Teacher will read aloud Handout 2 to class from overhead, then ask class to come up with main idea and important points. This will be a group effort.

4) Ask students to quickly get into groups of 3-4. Pass out Handout 2.2 “Global Warning Alert!” to each student in group. Read together as class, where both teacher and student read parts of article. Discuss any confusion and clarify any vocabulary or content that may be confusing. Then, have groups fill out next section on their own using Handout 2.2 and Handout 2.1 (the article). When groups are finished, have class discussion of findings. Ensure students are on right track. Have groups repeat process for paragraph 3 and then discuss. Teacher walks around room during this activity.

Review activity and rules for summarizing by questioning class.

Teacher will explain homework, as well as note further review of summary writing the following day. 1) Students are responsible for taking notes as they see fit, as well as contributing to the discussion to show whether or not they have an understanding of the topic about to be discussed in detail. This will help the teacher determine the extent of scaffolding needed for this topic.

2) Students are responsible for contributing in shared reading exercise and asking questions when information is unclear. Students are also responsible for understanding the scaffolding process explained in the handout, and should take an active role in answering questions regarding its contents.

3) Students are to follow along with passage on overhead, as well as help teacher determine main idea and important points. Once there is overall agreement that meets teacher’s approval, students are to record group findings on Handout 2.2 in “Paragraph 1” (first section only). Teacher is to walk around and ensure students are filling in first section.

4) Have students summarize the next paragraph of the article (paragraph 1 was covered on overhead as sample paragraph) using Handout 2.2, and fill in information gathered. Once completed, students are to discuss with...
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