World History: The Daughter of Time

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  • Published : November 17, 2012
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The Daughter of Time

Laura Perch
Ms. Heilmeier
Honors World History
13 October 2012
Tey, Josephine. The Daughter of Time. New York: Touchstone, 1951.
Alan Grant is a policeman in England who falls through a trap door and breaks his leg. As Grant recovers from his injury, his life becomes confined to a hospital bed, and he lies in boredom day after day. Grant desires for mental challenge, so his friend Marta, an actress who visits him often, suggests he solve an old mystery. Marta brings him various photos of people concerned in mysteries from the past, and Grant is not satisfied until he falls upon the portrait of Richard III of England, who transfixes him. Richard III is accused of killing his nephews, the sons of Edward IV. Grant looks deeply at the features of Richard III in his portrait who does not appear to be a murderer at all. He becomes convinced that Richard is not the one who killed his nephews and decides to investigate the case. In the novel, Josephine Tey convinces the reader that Richard III did not kill his nephews, and she proposes that humans are not to always accept exactly what they are taught.

Throughout The Daughter of Time, it not only becomes clear to the characters in the novel, but also to the reader, that Richard III did not murder his two nephews. As Grant begins to investigate, he asks every human who comes to visit him what they think when they see the face of Richard III. All give him an answer, no answers are the same, but none of the responses are that Richard III's face looks like the face of a murderer (32). When he asks them what they know of King Richard III of England they reply the same, that he is the man who murdered his brother's children. Grant researches through history textbooks that all claim the man is a murderer. Grant remains unconvinced. He comes upon a novel about Richard III written by Sir Thomas More. Sir Thomas More is known as the most respected and trustworthy person in all...
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