Daughter of Time

Topics: Edward IV of England, Richard III of England, Henry VII of England Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: January 5, 2013
The Gifts of Investigation
Throughout history there have been various rumors that King Richard III murdered his two nephews known as the princes of the tower. When Detective Alan Grant received a portrait of Richard Plantagenet, his desire to solve the mystery was peaked. As Grant investigates the allegations against Plantagenet, an abundance of information was recovered. Alan Grant’s ability to make wise selections, view a variety of perspectives, and thoroughly analyze the information allowed him to solve the mystery.

Alan Grant discovers and receives a plethora of information during his investigation. He begins his investigation by requesting information from everyone that he came in contact with about the princes of the tower and King Richard III. Grant was informed several times that the princes were smothered with a pillow. During his search, he receives information from several resources such as textbooks from the “Amazon” and historical accounts, he noticed many inconsistencies. For example, he learned that More was only five years when Richard III ascended to the throne and eight years old when Richard III died, therefore his historical account had to be hearsay information. However, Grant regarded information by Miss Ellis and evidence that was corroborated by several witnesses. As Grant reviewed the perspectives of his sources, he came to notice that the bias of the source deeply affected the information. Detective Alan Grant’s ability to determine which information was reliable and unreliable aided him in the process of solving this mystery.

While Grant reviews his sources’ accounts, he was able to see through their eyes. In this novel, Alan Grant views the perspectives of Cicely Neville, Richard III, and King Henry VII. As Grant reads the account of Cicely, he learns more about Richard’s personality. The detective learned that “In Richard’s hero-worshipping eyes, everything Edward did had always been right” (60) and Richard deeply cherished...
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