World Geography for Tourism- Gned 159-002

Topics: Climate, Nice, Mediterranean climate Pages: 4 (1146 words) Published: October 12, 2012
Assignment 1 – Different climates along parallel 43°
(10 percent of the final grade)

Course: World Geography for Tourism- GNED 159-002 Instructor: Semester: Fall 2012 Distribution: Week 2 (September 14), Submission Week 5 (October 5)

1) Plot and label Toronto and the three other cities on the attached world map. On the map clearly show the average January and July temperatures for these cities (10 points).

2) Complete the following table (30 points):
| Toronto (at YYZ)| City 1| City 2| City 3|
Country, (Province or State, if possible)| Canada, Ontario| Peoples republic of china| France| Bulgaria | Geographic coordinates (° & ‘)| 43°40’N 79°38’W| 40° 52' to 46° 18' N121° 38' to 131° 19' E| 43°39'N| 007°12'E| |

| 43° 13′ 0″ N, 27° 55′ 0″ E|
Elevation (meters)| 173 | 202| 10| 80|
Topographical description (see: Atlas; Google Maps)| flat, lowlands| Mountain, plain| Mostly flat plains or gently rolling hills in north and west.| hilly| Climate region (see: Atlas, p. 126) | Continental| Humid, Continental| Sub-tropical, Mediterranean climate| maritime and continental| Daily mean January temperature (°Celsius)| -6.7| -17.3| 4.9| 2.5| Daily mean July temperature (°Celsius)| 20.5| 22.8| 26.4| 22.4| Average annual precipitation (mm)| 781| 400-800| 64.4| 474| Average annual snowfall (cm, if available)| 124 | Light snowfall| -----| ----| Proximity to large body of water (large lake/ocean)| 14 km, north of Lake Ontario| No large bodies nearby but the river Songhua flow across the Jilin | bay of the Mediterranean| 35 nmi, black sea |

Jilin, China

Jilin is one of the most beautiful cities in china and attracts large number of tourist. The beat time to visit this place is during winter because every winter a tourist can see magnificent view of rime ice on tree along the banks of Songhua River and this rime ice is a natural phenomenon that takes place during winter but...
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