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David Gimple
4.03 Closer Look Work File

Name of the show, movie, product advertised, or title of article and where it was published|Description of the group being stereotyped|Explanation of the stereotype being portrayed|Your thoughts or feelings experienced while watching the program, hearing the lyrics, reading the article, etc.| Roots.|African Americans|Slavery|I don’t like the idea of slavery, nobody should be judged by their color.| Not Another Teen Movie|Teenagers|Stupidity.|I think that teenagers are going to do stupid things and party that’s just a part of growing up. I don’t really think it’s a completely bad thing.| The k.k.k.|Minority|Racism |To me its Ridiculous. Just because people are a different color or talk a different way doesn’t mean that they should be judged for it or made fun of. | The Simpsons|Indian immigrants |Racism|I don’t see a problem, its not like its bad for kids to watch the Simpsons and its not causing any legal problems or anything| ||||

1)Did you find it difficult to locate examples of stereotyping? Explain. 2)Did you find a certain group stereotyped more frequently than others? 3)What effect do you think consistent exposure to stereotypes has on an audience? A) No, it wasn’t difficult at all. Stereotyping is all around us. Everyone does it at one point, its just that some people do it way to much.

B) No not really everyone is different in their own way so its kind of hard to pick out one over the other. African Americans are the ones that I hear about being stereotyped the most.

C) Stereotypes can make people feel bad about their selves or lower their self esteem. It could even cause death and violence.
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