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  • Published: August 9, 2014
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Common Health Issues in the Workplace
Report on health and wellbeing issues that affect workplace productivity

Paige Lucas
17th July 2014


This is a report on common health and wellbeing issues that affect productivity in the workplace. I have identified three common health and wellbeing issues in the workplace and have provided my findings gathered from online research in this report. Purpose

The purpose of this report is to bring awareness to employers and employees about common health and wellbeing issues that affect the productivity in the workplace. Offer standard approaches in how to manage these issues effectively, as well as offering the advice on the best management option to choose.

Common Health & Wellbeing Issues
Colds and Influenza
Nationally cases of recorded influenza have started to increase. As the seasons change in to colder months there will be an increase of absences due to colds and influenza. Employee absences can slow the businesses productivity, also running the risk of infected employees coming into work, unable to provide peak performance and potentially infecting co-workers. Standard Approaches

Encouraging workplace cleanliness and hygiene
Everyone in the workplace should wash their hands before and after using the bathroom, sneezing/coughing. New Policy
Put in place a new Policy & Procedure that sick employees take time off work. Influenza Vaccines
Encouraging employees to get the Influenza vaccine and/or adding the Influenza Vaccine to the workplace employee health care plan. Managing Standard Approaches
Policy for Sick Employees
Putting a new Policy & Procedure is good for businesses as whilst employees are not at work this policy would reduce the risk of co-workers being infected, allowing the business to run more productively and effectively. To manage this new business Policy & Procedure for...
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