Working with People and Teams

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Working with People and Teams

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Outcome 4

1. There are several problems within the company with regards to the turnover of staff for the role of Clerical Administrative Support. This seems to be a problem that has arisen through the recruitment processes of the company. One issue being that the person responsible for the recruitment of staff for the post is that they did not have the adequate time to follow appropriate recruitment process and the first candidate interviewed was employed. This issue may be due to the fact that it was not discussed with fellow colleagues on what requirements were needed for potential employees to possess in order to fill the position. Another issue is that the position vacancy was passed onto an employment recruitment agency. This is not a suitable recruitment method for the company to use as the agency does not have full knowledge of the job requirements. A clear job description needs to be drawn up so that the candidates as well as the interviewer know what is expected of them. Person specifications can then be drawn up from the job description so that the candidate is aware of the main job role and tasks as well as the knowledge and skills required in order to fill the position. This will also help the interviewer with the interview process. Methods that can be used to aid the interviewer in selecting the right candidate for the position are biodata, selection interview, rating, psychological testing, and organisational data.

2. Biodata is short for biographical data. Biodata is the biography of a potential employee, this information is collected from their CVs or application forms. The information is then collected, scored and analysed. The information given includes names, addresses, educational background and qualifications, general health, previous employment, if a driving license is held, if they have any hobbies. Strength of this method is that specific questions relating to the actual job can be added into the application form. A CV can hold extra information that is not asked on an application form, such as marital status, how many children the applicant has. There are limitations with this method, such as age, gender and disability discrimination. Also applicants can be dishonest or leave out certain things from their CV or application form, which they feel might damage their chances of employment. This method could be useful in finding the right applicant for the position of clerical administrative support as it may include relevant information on experience and ability of doing a similar job previously, and can also highlight any training needs.

Rating is a method used as an aid in recruitment selection along with biodata and appraisal. Rating is used to build up a score and an example of this can be that each applicant can receive a score for the academic qualifications with ten being the highest, once all the scores are added up then the selection for interviews will be made. Applicants that score under a designated number will not get an interview. The rating method is easy to use also there is no subjectivity. A limitation of the rating method is that there is no place for the interviewer to have any input if the applicants score is below the cut off, then there is a possibility that they won’t get an interview, and this could potentially lose the right person for the job. This system can be too black and white.

Psychological testing is another method used to help aid recruitment, this is used to measure ability and potential ability, and this is done through intelligence, personality and ability testing. Personality tests usually test for stability, unstable, dominance or submissiveness, personality tests usually measure two extremes. Rorschach test, Thematic Apperception Tests and repertory tests are personality tests. Psychological tests do not take individual differences into account, and...
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