Working Mothers Perform a Dual Role

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I think that the role of motherhood is not actually one role, rather a mix of many different roles. At times and in different circumstances we are called upon to put on different “hats” in order to deal with particular issues. Some of these sub-roles are; teacher, nurse, carer, cook, entertainment officer, cleaner, exercise coach, counselor, career advisor, ward robe lady, relationship adviser, health and safety officer, play leader, motivational coach.

In addition to this, modern moms have to decide whether they want to do paid work; in addition to the role of motherhood that is! Of course, it may be that we don’t have any real choice because our family couldn’t survive without the (second) income. Now if we already have a job before becoming a mother, it may be a case of deciding whether to go back to work full-time or part-time or to resign.

The likelihood is you made the choice to be one of the many working mothers for one of the three reasons;

1. You needed adult interaction; you felt still crazy stuck in the house; 2. You needed to bring in some cash; and
3. You needed the individual stimulation and added purpose of an interesting job.

Having work outside the home can be fulfilling and stimulating and financially rewarding.

My Perspective
Personally, apart from when my children were really small, I’ve needed something other than motherhood to be fulfilled. Working mothers stress was preferable to stay at home moms isolation! I think that being a mom is a really important of who we are, but it is not everything. We are still women, we are still human beings; each with our own unique set of talents, skills and experience to bring to the world. It is our responsibility to use those things for the benefit of everyone.

The Downsides
Now, there are clearly downsides to having a job and working mothers stress usually comes down to time...
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