Working Conditions for Children During Industrial Revolution

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Working Conditions of Children During the Industrial Revolution

During the beginning of the industrial revolution there was a high demand for labour. Families travelled from rural farm areas to newly industrialized and larger cities in hope of finding new work. To survive even in the lowest class of poverty families would have had to have every single able family member working, this includes children. Children as young as six were put to work in factories. They worked for up too 19 hours a day with only one hours break in total. Work was hard and the children were often paid barely anything. These fragile human beings were; frequently overworked, underpaid and ill treated for a long time. They didn’t have small jobs either; their jobs were physically intense and required a lot of effort and strength. With little medical knowledge in comparison to today these children were prevented from growing healthily and naturally. Deformedness was common amongst many of the children due to the high amount of physical exertion performed by them. Their growth was slowed down and they suffered in multiple other ways. The treatment of children in factories was horrendous to say the least. They were verbally abused and little care was payed to their safety and wellbeing. Sever punishments were also in place for the slightest disobedience. It was incredibly unsafe to work in the factory environment due to the large machineries used, which very often proved a hazard to the children. With the enormous machines fingers and body parts of theses skinny children could often result in deaths due to serious injuries or accidents. Sometimes children fell asleep from working excessive hours and occasionally the sheer force of the machines would just crush them. In factories that were unsanitary there was harsh exposure to dangerous chemicals and toxins consistently. Some children died from excessive inhalation of the fumes. Children who worked in coalmines often died from explosions and...
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