Working as a Team

Topics: Management, Leadership, Team Pages: 4 (1344 words) Published: March 24, 2013
1. Introduction
People form teams to accomplish a shard goal or task and have done so since the beginning of human history. For instance, cavemen building a fire together, students working on a group project, or basketball players playing on the same team, the need for teamwork is becoming greater. Parker (2011) suggests that teamwork is essential for business organizations to achieve success. Nowadays, working efficiently with others in a team is a key skill in order to survive in the competitive world of work.  In any global business, certain skills and strategies are needed to incorporate into developing teams to maintain effective outcomes. The range of skills includes motivation, conflict management and team goals. This essay will examine the three mentioned aspects of teamwork that would prepare a person to work effectively in a team environment, supported by two real world examples for each aspect to show how individuals in organizations work successfully as active team players. 2. Body

Firstly, motivation is an essential element in team-based workplaces. Workers are not mechanism, when they are asked to do the same tasks repeatedly, they will easily lose their interest or passion for their jobs. Consequently, a good way to keep team members’ passion is to motivate them. Motivation theory is one of the most vital theories in Human Resource Management. Armstrong (2001, p. 155) explains the motivation theory is applicable in organizations where they motivate their team members to utilize their skills and knowledge. This would aid at surpassing the organizations' goals and improve the capability to provide better for their teams. According to a research conducted by Macky and Johnson (2003, p. 82), the result shows that when teams are provided with a satisfactory workplace reflecting each personal necessity and requirement, instead of a higher wage or bonus, members are motivated to work harder and more efficiently. This indicates that using...
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