Work Week Scheme

Topics: Cooking, Cleanliness, Learning Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Work Week Scheme
As a child, like many others, my parents’ have always been telling me to study hard and to enjoy the time that I’m in school. I’ve never really understood what they meant and only wished to become a grown up and be in the working world. But now, all has changed and I finally understand what my parents were talking about. Recently, I joined our school’s ‘Work Week Scheme’ and was given the opportunity to experience life in the working world. I spent one week working at the fast food shop ‘McDonald’s’, working as a crew. One week isn’t really a long time, but it was enough to change my perspective. I know many of you may still be skeptic, but as a teen to another teen, I will want to tell you about my experience, the problems that I encountered during the week, and how this work experience has changed my view, and hope to help you better understand the truth behind your parent’s words. During the week I was working at McDonald’s, I was given different duties from working at the floor maintaining cleanliness, to cooking food and serving food to customers. On the first two days, I was assigned to work at the floor where I had to clean up after customers. Though cleaning seems like an easy task which involves little skill, it was nonetheless exhausting to the body and at times disgusting. Not only did I have to clean up the occasional split drinks, one time I even had to clean up vomit of a sick customer while keeping a smile on my face. One of the other duties that I was assigned to was to work in the kitchen cooking and preparing food for the customers. I have always loved cooking and when I was finally assigned kitchen work I was excited. But little did I know it was different than what I had expected. The kitchen was small and cramped, and with food being cooked every minute the kitchen felt like a hot sauna. And the smell of fried food that I used to love, suddenly turned my stomach upside down. Finally, one of the last duties for me was to work...
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