Work Readiness

Topics: Problem solving, Psychology, Communication Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Demonstrate positive attitude and behaviours:
I am able to demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours at all times, with the confidence to deal with unhappy and difficult people, whether it is in the workplace environment or in general. Solving problems as calmly as possible while showing personal integrity and being an honest individual. It is important to praise yourself for the good work you have put all effort to accomplish great things, along with cheering for other people as well and giving them the acknowledgement they deserve. Being a good role model for everyone such as taking good care of yourself and gaining interest in what other people have to say, taking action, and putting in the effort needed. On the job, either your co-workers or customers will need someone who is cheerful and smiling to talk to- and if you smile at everyone is makes things in a lighter atmosphere and everyone understands a smile. Work with Others:

Working well with others has always been a skill of mine- I am able to follow instructions and listen carefully to what is going on around me, understand the dynamics of being in a group and provide legitimate work and information at the same time for others. Thinking things through, and explaining in detail to everyone, what the objectives are. Being open minded to what others have to say about certain situations, having the skill of being flexible when there are times that I will need to , and I respect the fact that each individual thinks a lot differently from each other and there will be a lot of differences and disagreements on things. Whenever I can, I enjoy leading a group of people and sometimes they just need that extra boost of motivation to do well! Often at times when people work together- conflict can arise, and no one likes it when you can't agree on anything or solve problems- this is where I am able to work through these situations with people and solve them. Communicate:

If there are situations that I have a...
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