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The employee I am today did not come easy. It began with a good impression on being on time. I researched my employer ahead of time, so that I would be prepared for any questions they might ask. I made sure to establish a good employment relationship, by letting them know my reasons for wanting to work and my ambition to learn. I opened the doors for good communication between my supervisors and me. Ludden writes “If you understand the reasons you want to work and look for things in your jog that satisfy these reasons, you will be happier and do a better job.” I agree with Ludden’s statement. I believe in having satisfaction is not only in your job but in what you do for your job that will make you a better employee and will help decrease stress associated with the job. I like to help people, so the medical field allows me to fulfill that joy while learning about the human body. Also knowing that I have to work to support my family encourages me to find a career that I will enjoy as well as making a good living. I take pleasure in making patients feel better about their health issues. This satisfaction allows me to wake up every morning with a smile on my face ready to start the day at work. Having this motivation makes me want to work harder and to better myself to improve my work skills, in return making my employer proud. Teamwork is very important, especially in the medical fields. It takes a team to assess a patients needs and to meet those needs. I contribute to my team by assessing my patients’ needs accurately and in a timely manner. I finish my daily assignment of patients making sure they do not leave incomplete work so that my coworkers don’t have any extra work to finish with they come into work. Once I identify my patient’s needs, I collaborate with the rest of my team (physician, dietitian, physical/occupational therapist, social worker and pharmacist) as needed, to make sure my patient’s get the care they need. I speak Spanish, so when my...
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