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Creativity and innovation has changed the world since ages now. Any creativity or innovation in organisations leads to growth and achieve new heights of success. Today employees are more empowered to think freely and implement new ideas and thoughts that benefit the organisation. Here we will see the innovation and creative techniques adapted by Google and steps taken to support the same.

1.1     Current innovative and creative management processes Innovative management: “Innovation is not just about releasing new product. It also encompasses implementing new business process, fresh ways of doing things, radical, alliances, and brilliant new routes to market and business strategies.” (Sloane, 2003, pg.8) Organisation takes the support of innovative management in terms of running their business and serves their customers in a better and innovative ways. Portfolio management is the tool through which understanding of innovative management can be understood in better manner. Portfolio Management Processes: It consist of three components through which innovative management can be handled and represented in a structured framework. These components are described below. 1.    Incremental: A very depth and meaningful analysis can be taken in this process through which organisation brings more developed and evaluated ideas on the current projects. 2.    Radical: The way to use the basic and core methods with the same technology but more advanced implementation in the organisation. 3.    Fundamental: The process to use totally different technology.

Google current creative and innovative processes

Google is very well established organisation which has too many products with great innovation such as search engine websites, video sharing website like YouTube, advertising market on ‘double click’, Google TV and mobile, personal data collecting, Google+ etc. To maintain these products sustainability, initially Google was working on very structured process of innovation called Incremental process where BCG framework was the main to work with creative ideas. This practice brought a massive poor results where CEO of the Google found the higher CREATIVITY as productivity with less and poor INNOVATION.

Incremental process was becoming a hurdle to launch the new products, to rectify the issues this process got abandoned and replaced by 70-20-10 principal which made Google highest profitable organisation in its products. 70-20-10 Principal: A recent observation comes with the results ,where the core business of the Google found in to Search engine and Ads. By looking to this result, Google decided to spend more 70% time after search and ads and bring more ideas about it. Where the 20% went to deal with technical people and to set them free in to search of more creativity through which most of the new and interesting products can emerge.

The rest 10% represent where the odd and crazy ideas which might not give desired output but still worth of trying it out.

The Google products strategy is now closely to threaten Microsoft dominance in technology. Google believes in the systematic approach and to have matured employees who understand the needs and requirement of the organisation.

1.2     Leading others to positively embrace the innovation and change Leadership: “Leadership is the systematic procedure through which once can influence the group of people or an individual to achieve the common goals.” (Northouse, 2007) Leadership quality:  these are the qualities which leaders carry with them to archive the organisation’s goals by leading people of the organisation. It consist many of the  qualities from which employees learn and follow the same such as integration contributes internal valuesand external actions, management which passes success in to organisation, humility and openness to contribute the innovative ideas and fairly deal with the employees etc. Google leadership

A quality leader brings motivation, problem...
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