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How can Indian cities be made more secure for women to protect their right to freedom of movement and safety? This series will focus on violence in the public domain and the responses, strategies and campaigns to resist such violence and make urban spaces safer for women at all times of the day or night.

* In July 2010, the United Nations General Assembly established the United Nations Entity on Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women). UN Women combines the mandates and assets of UNIFEM, OSAGI,DAW and INSTRAW, with an expanded mission and vision. (for more information see http://www.unwomen.org/about-us/ about-un-women)

ABOUT JAGORI JAGORI (’AWAKEN, WOMEN’) is a women’s documentation, training and communication centre with the aim of spreading feminist consciousness to a wider audience using creative media. Established in 1984 Jagori is rooted in the experiences of the Indian women’s movement with a vision to help build a just society through feminist values. It defines its mandate as building feminist consciousness through identifying and addressing the capacity-building, information and networking needs of women, particularly those belonging to oppressed groups in rural and urban areas. Mission Statement: To deepen feminist consciousness with diverse stakeholders at the national and local levels through advocacy, perspective-building and supporting struggles against human rights violations of women and generating new body of knowledge.

Our Objectives
Action research and production of creative feminist materials • Consciousness-raising and leadership development on women’s rights and gender equality • Supporting women’s struggles against all forms of violence ensuring access to safety, dignity, justice and rights • Creative campaigns and educational materials on key feminist concerns to respond to the programming and resource needs of women’s groups, community and field organisations, media and development organizations • Advocacy and Networking to enlarge and claim democratic spaces and strengthen women’s movement building efforts

JAGORI, B-114, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi 110017 Phone: (011) 26691219 & 26691220 Helpline: (011) 2669 2700, Fax: (011) 2669 1221, Email: jagori@jagori.org, safedelhi@jagori.org Website: www.jagori.org


By Shruti Parthasarathy
New Delhi (Women’s Feature Service) Despite women’s increased visibility in public spaces, better education and work opportunities, and changing social attitudes, women continue to experience physical and emotional violence, both within their homes and outside. How does one address a crime as insidious, damaging and invasive as this in ways that are positive, interesting and relevant? This is what Jagori, the Delhi-based women’s training and resource centre, had in mind when it asked documentary filmmaker Sehjo Singh to create advocacy and communication material for its ongoing campaign on violence against women. While violence affects women across class, it is the lower middle and working classes that are the most vulnerable to it – the group that Jagori works with across northern India. Known for its attractive advocacy tools such as creative songs, diaries and posters, Jagori had a few pointers for Singh: First, the material must do more than just provide information on rights and laws; it had to focus on the social aspects surrounding violence so that the viewer would be forced to think about the issue. Second, it had to be youthful in its appeal, portable, costeffective, interactive and communicate the non-negotiable message that violence


was unacceptable even as it fostered a positive approach to taking action when one confronts such violence oneself. Finally, it had to reach out to both men and women and challenge the notion that this was a ‘woman’s problem’. Keeping all these factors in mind, Singh came up with interesting,...
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