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Eliminating Crimes Against Women

Good Morning Friends n respective teacher!!!It’s a matter of great honor to me that u have given me a chance to express my views on a relevant topic. I’m very much thankful to you for this. My topic of discussion is very common but a very important issue i.e., Eliminating Crimes Against Women.

It’s heartening that the government is trying to bring women equal to men by celebrating Women Empowerment Weeks, by making laws and by reserving seats for them in parliament. But it is a pity that the females are still a persecuted lot. They constitute roughly 50% of the population, but they do not enjoy any say in domestic matters and outside world. Crimes still continue against them and they are at the mercy of the males in a male dominated set up. A glance at the registered cases of crimes against them in Delhi is self-revealing. Women are Victims of harassment, molestation and eveteasing, etc. Crime rate is steadily on the increase. Also it should not be forgotten that all cases of crime against them are not reported and registered.

Under the circumstances, only a multipronged strategy can help to eliminate the harassment of women. First of all we must empower women, educate them, train them for jobs and make them self-sufficient. They should be made aware of their rights. They should be made to understand that it is cowardice to submit to the cruelty of a bully. Secondly, crimes against women should be made cognizable offences and the offenders should be given severe punishment. There should be the speedy disposal of cases because justice delayed is justice denied. At the same time, a change in the attitude of men towards women is also essential. Women should be given due respect and regard in homes as well as in the society. It should be realized that where women are honored and worshipped, there live gods and prosperity prevails.

Here I come to an end. Thank you for listening……….
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