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Topics: Sociology, Family, Extended family Pages: 15 (4949 words) Published: April 26, 2013
International Journal of Business and Social Science

Vol. 2 No. 14


Cognition and Impact of Modernization in Changing Normative Structure of Family System (A Case Study) Shakeela Ibrahim COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad Pakistan E-mail: shakeela_ibrahim@comsats.edu.pk Manshoor Hussain Abbasi (Corresponding Author) Department of Humanities Faculty Block No 1, 3rd Floor COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Park Road Chakshahzad Islamabad, Pakistan Email: manshoor_hussain@comsats.edu.pk, Phone # 0092300-5161568 Ayesha Adnan Department of Management Sciences COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad Wajid Bhatti Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), Rawalpindi ABSTRACT

The purpose of the study is to have a look into the role of modernization in the changing normative structure of family system. Basic theme is to check the impact of modernization on the family system and its changing norms. Basically we deal with the term of nuclearization, which is the reason of modernization. This case study is done in the village Saligrah (South Punjab). In this village indicators of modernization have very strong impact on villagers.

Key Words: Modernization; Development; Normative Structure; Family System 1. INTRODUCTION

George (1987: 88) defines Modernization as, paradoxically an old and a relatively new word in the vocabulary of the social sciences. When we use the term modernization, it is of relatively recent origin, and social scientists use the term modernization as a word, that is generalizing the complex change occurring in the developed and developing areas. Thus, this social change continues as a result of modernization, which is important because it is going to get a strong social and cultural position in present era. Modernization affects the socio-cultural issues of the society; which change the present condition of human society. As a result people adopt new traits, trends and technologies, which are given according the global perspective. According to Haviland (2002) Modernization defined as an all-encompassing global process of cultural and socioeconomic changes, whereby the developing societies seek to acquire some of the characteristics common to industrial Societies. In the course of modernization, traditional knowledge and techniques give way to the application of scientific knowledge borrowed mainly from the West.” Due to modern technology, modernization creates the change in traditions and values. People are going to accept this because progress is both necessary and beneficial to society and the individual. Now-a-days, Modernization has proved to be an extremely powerful but uncertain force in the perspective of human affairs. It has had serious impacts on environment and the social structure of the societies. Bright (2000) explains: Modernization is a term that refers to the process of change through which traditional societies attempt to adapt themselves culturally, economically and politically to the requirements of the contemporary world. According to this point of view, when the modernization changes the present conditions of society, it affects all aspects and determines of socio-cultural indicators of development. Modernization is the process by which cultures are force to accept traits from outside, and change their original shape. Now Pakistani society has a cluster of old social-economic and psychological commitments which have reshaped over time. They want to change themselves in order to improve their position in the society as regards high status in village or strong economic position in village. These changes bring about social reforms in society through different social organizations and a new social system. This new set-up changes the minds of the people and the society. 271

International Journal of Business and Social Science

Vol. 2 No. 14


According to Ronald (2000) Modernization is the evidence of...
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