Women in Politics

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  • Published : December 4, 2010
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Women in Politics

What are the obstacles facing women’s participation in politics and what measures have been introduced to remedy the situation? Choose examples from at least three countries.
When our country was constructed in 1776, men had control over most of the significant affairs of this country. It was a drastic notion for women to be involved in anything other than affairs concerning the home and the children. However the feminist movement began the start of females getting involved in politics, as well as all other affairs that only men were including in before. Even though there are an undeniably higher percentage of women in politics today. Women still have to endure more obscurity than men when it comes down to complete acceptance in becoming a true female politician in an other wised male dominated profession. In smaller countries the reproductive element of women was viewed to be very specific and had a more collective importance. Women are always seen as the “weaker sex.” Women were generally viewed as being ambiguous and small-minded when it came to the topic of politics. It is this attitude that has generated apathy from men all over the world, reinforcing the lack of female positions in politics. There is an over whelming difference between view of women in politics from the Philippines, to the UK & down in the Middle East. The game of Politics is the politics of male patronage and personality still dominate the Philippines political landscape. It isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon, but a strategy is in place with steps to change toward a direction where women will have a stronger influence in Philippine mainly about power and control. Within the context of Philippine politics, women have not conventionally been given the ability to be keepers of that power in the Philippine politics. How far these steps are taken depends on the decisions of those in power. In addition, the people of the Philippines must support those women that...
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