Women in Politics

Topics: Political party, Decision making, Risk Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: March 3, 2013
My article review is about women in politics and governance: complex challenges from globalization. This article highlights on women in government inside multifaceted political and governance terrains in Asia wherever the dynamics of trade intensification and re-democratization meet and challenge. In this article, it explains about the prohibiting of women as political agents in the state. This had arisen a feminist or women’s group in the world. A part from that, this article also noted on a number of issues that women’s association require to get a fuller understanding of such as the political meaning, potentials and risks of varied groups of women incoming politics and governance, the increase of latest political parties and actions and their connection with issues of democratic system, gender fairness, and economic impartiality issues; the technicalisation of gender mainstreaming; the perseverance of women’s issues of women’s poverty and bias; the reaction in opposition to women’s noticeable social assertions. In this article, the relationship between women and politics is mainly confusing. This is because the state looks like prejudice and not in favor of women though in reality, state for all time carries a hope that state will or should support women’s privileges and parity. However, there is not anything unsure, vague or opposing in the agreement reached by 189 countries in Beijing while they pledged to encourage the fairness of women in decision-making and in intensification national machineries for enabling women’s co-equal supremacy among men. In this agreement, the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA) supports the progression of women’s contribution in community management and governance. However, after ten years of this agreement, the objective of state alteration throughout women’s equal opportunity in decision making not achieved. Besides that, this article also mentioned about the re-articulation of the problem of women’s activities and feminists...
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