I Want a Wife

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Civil and political rights Pages: 3 (1211 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Elaheh Ansari Niaki
Professor Dr. smith
English 60
In second half of twentieth century everyone in America were trying to seek some political rights to protect their rights. There were many protest and feminist acts was happening in this historical period of while women were obtaining some rights for themselves such as having a right to vote and abortion right, men were seeking to protect themselves in eyes of laws. One of these were bill was “ No Fault State” which gave full power to individual to fill for divorce without explaining or having consequences for their behavior during the marriage. In last fifty years women earn lots of respect and play big role in American society. From politics to high position in corporations, with all the achievements there are many discrimination against female and their role in the America society occurs today. For many decades women have been seeking for equality rights, if the famines movement didn’t began god knows what kind of role women would play in the world. Until 1960’s, women were treated as a secondary citizen, and there were objectified, slave of their husband, and male gender in general. Even though women are working in high powers and have made their ways in politics however America is the only democratic country that has not elected women as of president. Judy Bready is one of the actives of famines movement in 60’s, in her literary of “I want a wife” which it was published at M Magazine in 1971. It is clear that she is trying to awaken women about how they are presenting themselves in the society. As they are raising their children and contributing to their families well being, men are gaining lots of economic power over them and legal right to protect themselves from legal aspects of marriage. Due to simplicity of her writhing method Looks like her target is mostly housewives with poor education background. it is uses very simple and basic language, it is clear that uneducated women are her...
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