Women in Nepal

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence against women, Human trafficking Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: March 25, 2013
In my analysis of violence against women I chose a country that I wish no woman to live in. Nepal is a country compacted between China and India, Nepal isn’t very big and very poor but it populates over 30 million people. This country is known for little to no rights for women.

Early marriage and child birth are main reasons for the malnourished women in Nepal, statistics say 1 in 24 die in pregnancy and/or birth( ). Daughters who aren’t married before their teens would be sold to traffickers. 2008 finally saw the government of Nepal put a Human Trafficking and Transportation Control Act. This act is supposed to stop trafficking or at least put a valiant effort to diminish it however the trafficking of young women in the sex trade still continue because of the corrupt system of Nepal. It is the 2nd most corrupt country in south Asia behind Afghanistan (Corruption Index 2011). Widows are faced with extreme abuse and discrimination; they are called “Bokshi” which means witch. An estimated 60 to 70 percent of women are subjects to domestic violence. INSEC committed the study of all 75 districts in Nepal and returned results of 648 women victims of violence in 2011 more than half those women were under 18. Other survey results show that 23 percent of men AND women see domestic violence as being acceptable. (INSEC 2011) In Nepal there are two harmful traditional practices towards women, what I discovered is something that I would never wish on anybody. The first one is called “Deuki” it is when the men offer a young girl to the Gods and put her in the Hindu temples to live without proper care or education. The second one I researched is called “chhoupadi”this is when menstruating women are kept in a shed away from the home to live under harsh conditions. Nepal is attributed to social taboos and superstitions associated with women, their deep beliefs that propagate derogatory attitudes towards females. As you can see there are little to no...
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