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Orthopedic Doctor
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The orthopedic doctor or orthopedist, is an MD (Medical Doctor) or DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) that specializes in diagnosing and treating bone, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skeleton related problems. This could range from a simple broken finger or a complicated hip replacement procedure. With the treatments for orthopedic becoming more varied each year, there are more specialists within this medical specialty. This could mean your family doctor may refer you to the “hand” specialist or to the “hip” specialist. These doctors may use various treatments like surgical interventions, bracing, casting and medications. Orthopedic Doctor Education Requirements

Becoming an orthopedic doctor and eventually a surgeon, takes a lot of time, 14 years to be exact. It is however, a career that is both educationally and financially rewarding. Students begin their orthopedic doctor required education by first acquiring their undergraduate studies in courses like 1 year in Biology, 2 years in Chemistry and 1 year of Physics. Then, the students have to undertake the MCAT in four sections: physical sciences, biological sciences, verbal exam and written sample. The student has to enter into medical school which will take 4 years to complete. The first two years of medical school is classroom based filled with lectures. The next and last 2 years are all hospital based, assisting in operations with licensed doctors. Students who complete medical school graduate with the title of DO or MD. During medical school, the student has to take the National Board exam in two parts. The first part of the exam is taken after the 2nd year of medical studies. The other part is taken on the 3rd year. The testing is based on the fundamental medical knowledge of the student. Before medical school is over, students have to apply for their...
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