Women as Sexsual Object

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Sexism - Women as Sexual Objects
Since the beginning of time, women have always been described by men as having sexual appeal. However, most of the descriptions held a negative stigma in them. In Korea’s fairytale, there exists a mythical gumiho, a nine-tailed fox who could transform into a beautiful woman so that they can seduce unsuspecting men and eat their livers. What does this tells us? Men, beware! There are beautiful women out there who are out to trick you so that she can eat your liver. This reeks of sexism where women are held in negative assumptions. Media further reinforces this view by broadcasting shows, programs or video games that exploit women’s sexual appeal. In the past, women are blamed if they could allure other women’s men; they are said to be wicked and bad (or to used the common word, a whore). If they are raped, it will always be the women’s fault; they wore revealing clothes, they were seducing him, etc. The men were never blamed, at least not directly. They are absolved of any responsibilities towards the women, even if the women that they had raped became pregnant and were the subject of ridicule among other people. Even when the men are punished for their crimes, the women will always bear a stigma; they are considered to be dirty and have lower status than a slave. I watch a lot of Korean dramas. They usually are centered on the theme of love. There usually will be two types of woman characters in the story. First and foremost is the heroine. She can be a successful woman in her career, or a naïve school girl, or a woman who is facing some difficulties in her life; they will always be identifiable because they are the good girl who are kind to others or are sympathetic to other’s plight. They will always get the heroes. Then, there are the other women on the other side of spectrum. They are usually the bad girl, the one who wanted to steal the heroes. They are the scheming temptresses, are two-faced and are out to get the heroine. However, in the end, justice will prevail and the bad girls will get what’s coming to her. This is a type of negative stereotyping. Either the girl is kind and innocent, or the girl is a wily seductress. The girl’s sexuality is viewed as a bad thing; her weapons in tricking mankind.

Woman’s sexuality is further exploited in video games. A 1998 study found that a significant amount of games portrayed women as sex objects (Dietz). There have been a lot of Japanese adult video games published recently where the goal of the games is for the player to break the wills of the women characters and seduce them until they become his faithful sex slave. An example of this game is Gibo : Stepmother’s Sins. In this game, the player’s father had just gotten married and his new wife and her daughter had moved into the player’s house. The player had a grudge against his real mother because he had walk upon his mother while she was cheating on his father. He transferred his hatred towards his new mother,Misaki and tried very hard to seduce her in order to prove his point that all women are depraved and couldn’t contain their sexual wanton feelings to themselves. In the course of proving his point, he groped Misaki on the crowded public train and let everyone else see her stepmother being covered in his semen (after he covered his own pant, of course). He also installed small hidden camera in the bath room so that he can take a peek of Misaki and her daughter, Shiina showering and using the toilet at a later time. He repeatedly tried to bend Misaki’s will to match to his wants and punished her psychologically when she refused. For example, Misaki wanted them to feel like a real family and asked him to call her mom. He then slyly agreed to follow her request in exchange for a kiss on the lips. When she initially refused, he cajoled her into agreeing to his terms. This happens repeatedly throughout the game, even when she repeatedly says no, until her will is broken and she became...
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