Women's Reproductive Rights

Topics: Abortion, Roe v. Wade, Human rights Pages: 5 (1715 words) Published: June 7, 2013
Women’s Identity: Women’s Reproductive Rights
An important part of finding a women’s identity to reproductive rights you will have view various perspectives and the history behind it. You will have to understand the many influence in society such as race, gender, age and sexuality. This influences women’s roles as an individual, members of the family and society. In the movement for reproductive rights, women have been dominated by many different viewpoints to this subject. I am for women’s reproductive rights but there are many layers to this topic. Some I agree with and some I don’t.

From my observation and reading in seems that since women have won the right to vote the feminist movement has gain some serious movement forward. Reproductive rights also opened doors for women but not all areas of this topic have been totally finalized. Since Margaret Sanger a supporter of birth control and Katharine McCormick a highly educated women have been birth control in support of women’s reproductive rights. These two women were able to push forward the development of the birth control pill. It was not until 1960 the government legalizes the production of the pill. I do not realize how the development of the pill freed women to have a career and fueled the women’s movement. I have always looked at the pill as a responsible way of birth control. Now that I have read, the women’s testimonies of how they feared having one child after another and how the pill impacted them to become productive members of society, and the work force. They were able to pursue other dreams and avenues that were slowly becoming available. As I read I see how women viewed home life was before the birth control pill as stated, “Our domestic life suddenly became quite complicated.” (Shulman, 1971, p.276). This was stated as women were having more children introduced in the home and their goals were being set aside. The pill set a different tone for women in society as supported by Bell Hooks, “Women need to get outside the home and work-to cease being just housewives.” (Hook, 2000, p.96). I view the birth control pill as a responsible way of birth control. I feel is it a smart way of planned parenting for woman who are married and have a career. If you have a planned pregnancy, you do not have to feel like you have give up your status as member of the working community in the event of becoming pregnant. The freedom to control or plan your pregnancy has freed women from the maybe burden of being the homemaker during the time of its development. I view this type of birth of control as supporting women’s identity in terms of becoming active members in the society as a whole. This is because women that have a desire to have a career or education can have that and in turn give back to the family and society. With this, I would think this boost the self-esteem of any individual women. The birth control pill is not the only method of birth control within the reproductive rights area that has made some waves through the years.

Abortion is a much-debated topic in term of birth control and women’s reproductive rights. I remember watching all two hours of the movie “Lake of Fire” and reading about Vera Drake. I am not a full supporter of abortion due to the fact I feel that there is different levels of responsibility for an unborn life inside of any women. I realize the struggle that women have had to endure to gain reproductive rights. I see the view point of women‘s right to abortion is to continue women’s identity with the right to say what is done to their bodies. I believe with the right of birth and abortion you have a moral responsibility to take care of that life. If you do not want to have a child then use, some type of birth control such as the pill. This issue has more impacted women as an individual due to the strong prolife and prochoice opinions that have developed over this issue. This has gone as far as murder of abortion doctors and bombing...
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