Woman to Man Analysis

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  • Published : October 30, 2010
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Stanza 1: - physical hard work - death and rebirth - interrupted a conversation (the reader interrupted/listen which disturbed the conversation) Stanza 2: - an unborn child - something about hunting and chasing - thrid member in their union

Woman To Man The eyeless labourer in the night,a the selfless, shapeless seed I hold,b builds for its resurrection day...c silent and swift and deep from sight a foresees the unimagined light.a This is no child with a child's face;a this has no name to name it by;b yet you and I have known it well.c This is our hunter and our chase,a the third who lay in our embrace.a This is the strength that your arm knows,a the arc of flesh that is my breast,b the precise crystals of our eyes.c This is the blood's wild tree that grows a the intricate and folded rose.a This is the maker and the made;a this is the question and reply;b the blind head butting at the dark,c the blaze of light along the blade. a Oh hold me, for I am afraid. a - regular rhyming pattern consistenly tight rythem like a cycle - she is dealing with something, there is a rythm is the corse of child birth, it reflects ryhm in the months of pregnancy. - mirrors the regulaity inherint in procreation, both in the act of sexual intercourse and in pregnany

Stanza 3: - very physical image; strong arms, curved of breast, eyeswith clear vision. - awareness - earthy images connection to tree and rose linked through blood.

Stanza 4: - child birth - dangers associated eith birth - the speaker is afraid by this throught - Reality of mortality in birth

1. what is the poets purpose in writing this poem? 2. What is the tone of the poem? Does it change? where? why? 3. How well doe sth etitle suit the poem? why? why not? 4. WHat feelings does the poem arouse in you? 5. How does this poem reliate to 6. “Society’s Perceptions about women”?

Stanza 1: - ... pause/caesura/ dramatic pause, dramatic effect on this idea - (resurrection) religious overtones; the...
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