How I Love This World

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Name : Gwee Jia Yinn
Class : 4 UKM
School : SMK Laksamana
Teacher : Pn. Mohana Vadivu
About The Poet :

Born on 25 August ,1941 Educated at Lenggeng, Seremban, Singapore
in Negeri Sembilan. and the University of Fine Arts in Berlin

Latiff Mohidin

Besides being a poet, he is also an established His book on the creative process artist and has held exhibitions of his work and of art and poetry entitled, has
travelled extensively in the 1960s and 1970s.won the Honorouble Diploma
Prize at the Festival of
International Books at Leipzig,
Germany in 1989.

Paraphrase :

First Stanza :
They return home with their torn soaky clothes, limbs full of scratches and legs full of wounds without showing any signs of misery and hopelessness. They went straight to the stove to warm themselves after being in the water overnight. They may have physical injuries but they are not affected by the incident emotionally.

Second Stanza :
Even though the flood has lasted for a day, they are still left to face the undesirable after effects of the flood. When they are searching for their son’s albino buffalo, they had to walk through the water that were full of corpses and tree barks that have fallen due to the heavy current.

Third Stanza :
Their children were born into hardship where they would have to struggle in order to stay alive. However, the speaker mentions...
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