Wolvs in the Sitee

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Woolvs In The Sitee

Analytical Essay

In the picture book Woolvs in the Sitee, the narrator Ben, shares with the reader an insight into a dark mysterious city in which he lives. In this city, according to Ben, there are hateful creatures he calls ‘woolvs’ “They are in the sitee, they are evereewhere. They spare no won.” Pg.6 With a clever use of illustration and writing the authors draw the reader into wondering the truth about Ben’s world.

Margaret Wild has done a superb job with the writing of the story. The book is written in present tense, in doing this it builds suspense as though were taking the journey along with Ben. The phonetic spelling is a big key to making this story so successful. It shows that Ben had an education, so there was a point in his life where he participated in everyday life activities. What’s triggered his anxiety of the ‘woolvs’ has numerous possibilities.

In a combination of Phonetic spelling, and only being told the story from Ben’s point of view. This is effective because it draws the reader into a sympathetic point of view towards Ben. It is like Margaret Wild has made us feel sorry for Ben, because he can not spell very well, he is lonely, no-one believes, so we automatically take Ben’s side.

The colours show Ben’s fear of the ‘woolvs’. The dark mysterious colours, illustrated by Anne Spudvilas, are another effective way of seducing the reader, into feeling sympathetic for Ben. The book is constantly filled with these dark colours. As these colours represent Ben’s fear, it is like Ben is constantly filled with fear. There is a point of climax for Ben when he wakes up one morning to the vision of a blue sky. “Erly won morning wen im squinching owt the window, I sees a bloo sky! A Bloo sky with soft wite clowds! My hart leeps! Things are bak to normal”

The shadow also adds to Ben’s fear, and the sense of mystery. Although you can see the shadow, you can’t pinpoint what it actually is, Could it be Ben’s...
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