Wk3 Sedimentary Rock Worksheet

Topics: Sedimentary rock, Plate tectonics, Rock Pages: 4 (1072 words) Published: June 5, 2012
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Sedimentary Rock Worksheet

Use the following table to describe and distinguish between the effects of weathering and erosion. Each response must be at least 200 words.

|Effects of Weathering |Effects of Erosion |What are the Differences? | |Weathering is a multifaceted contact of |Soils that are removed naturally by living |As stated before, weathering is based on | |biological, physical, and chemical |organisms, water, wind, and ocean currents,|two different process called Mechanical, | |developments that changes the rock in some |or ice is called erosion. This is a |and Chemical Processes that decompose | |specific or general way. The physical |natural and healthy process for the |rocks. Chemical involves the chemical | |properties of rock or stone are widely |ecosystem. When there is an excess of |changes in the minerals that are inside the| |different between rock groups. Because of |erosion this can cause trouble and damage |rocks, whereas the Mechanical process is | |the differences in the pores and the |the ecosystem. Overpopulation has been |due to the physical breaking down of rocks | |structures of stone, it will not show signs|linked to erosion. |into fragments without altering the | |of alterations the same as another of the |There is off-site as well as on-site |chemicals from inside the mineral parts of | |same rock group. |erosion sites. Off-site is where the |the rock. | |By a variety of methods, and grouped as |eroded soil goes to, and on-site is where |Erosion happens when soil or rock is moved | |Chemical and Mechanical, the minerals can |the erosion comes from. |from one place to another by natural | |be converted, dissolved or broken down to |Soil...
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