Without Emotion

Topics: Army, English-language films, Military Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: April 5, 2011
In this paragraph I will talk about how a man named G. Gordon Liddy, struggled as a kid to kill without emotion, he was aspiring to be a soldier one day. His plans were to be ready for war one day and be effective when the time came. As a child he found himself in a situation with a squirrel while he was hunting, after taking the shot he did not managed to kill the squirrel in one shot, so he watched how the squirrel was falling down the tree mortally wounded and in lots of pain. His mom was watching the entire time and made him realize what he had done was wrong, and he felt bad but it was not for the fact that he had just shot a defenseless animal, but because he was emotionally involved and that was not a good thing for a military man. Gordon was devastated, so he came up with a plan to be emotionless; he decided to help a friend’s dad that had a chicken coop in his backyard and offered Gordon to teach him how to kill chickens. It took Gordon time after time, after time to get it right but finally was able to kill without emotions. His mentality was that if he was emotionally stabled, he would not have a problem once he becomes part of the military and gets sent to war. At this time in his life, he really believes that the best way to get through war is to be emotionless, but many people would like to disagree with him because they believe that no matter what we face in life, we need to take many things in consideration like for instance; if you are in war and you come face to face with an toddler that has a weapon, you can decide to run away or find a way to have him drop the weapon and not just to see him as a target. Gordon at the end compared himself to a “machine”, emotionless and just ready to carry orders no matter what the situation or if people are involved.
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