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Topics: The Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow, Academy Award for Best Picture Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: May 11, 2013
War is and always has been a topic of discussion in the world whether it be in the daily newspaper, a presidential campaign speech or a history classroom. Often we focus on past wars, current wars, fatalities, battles and countless other topics. Then, there is the occasional talk about men that have fought in history’s brutal wars. Veterans could tell story after story of the pain and suffering that they saw and experienced themselves. But you can only begin to imagine. Also seen in the movie Apocolypse Now.

The movie, “The Hurt Locker” directed by Kathryn Bigelow
It is a well-known fact that every soldier that goes into combat takes the risk of losing his life. But what is not known, perhaps from repression of the thought or ignorance, is that it is not just a risk, but a guarantee that every soldier will lose his mind. Wounds can heal but horrific memories of the brutality of war will leave psychological scars will remain with the survivors. The movie, “The Hurt Locker” provoked me to think differently about the war in Iraq because I witnessed the emotional and psychological effects it had on the characters. Specifically in the scene when William James, the main character, thought that the body he had found with a bomb in it was a little boy he knew named Beckham. He lost his mind and threatened a merchant, making him drive James to Beckham’s murderer despite the fact that the man did not know. James wandered around aimlessly and recklessly that night only to find out later that Beckham was still alive.

My favorite character was William James because although he was impulsive and not considerate of the other members in his unit most of the time, he took many risks for the sack of cilivians like giving beckham money. Disarming car bomb even though sanborn said he did not have to, opening the body of the boy so he would not have to detonate, trying to help the man with the bomb strapped to him.

Reed was my least favorite character because he...
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