"Without Connection to Others There Is No Me" Member of the Wedding

Topics: Chuck Palahniuk, Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage Pages: 4 (1420 words) Published: September 9, 2012
“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.” Chuck Palahniuk’s quote from his book “Invisible Monsters” highlights that a human being is the collection of experiences, influences and interactions of others within our lives. Palahniuk’s quote express’ that from the moment we are brought into the world our personality is constantly shaped and refined through the connection of others in a predisposed attempt to gain acceptance. Being devoid of this acceptance can leave us ostracized from society, which can leave us psychologically impaired to identify who we truly are. The strong bonding with family defines who we are through our early stages. The community surrounding us refines who we want to become in regards to a place within society. However, in some aspects, this can lead to compromise and can inevitably poison an individual's uniqueness when faced with the final choice that forever changes the face of one’s identity. Our connections with our family and culture initially shape and influence who we grow up to be. The acceptance given from loved ones provide us with support, love and security that inevitably leave us able to decide what our values, attitudes and behaviors in life will be. There are prudent examples of the extent to which a baby is influenced by home life in the way that we are stereotypically shown families on TV. On TV a redneck father would be shown to spawn a redneck child that will more likely grow up to be prejudice rather than a sophisticated scholar that swills scotch and examines scrimshaw under a magnified glass. This isn’t a sad state of affairs though it is just the way the baby was influenced through the surrounding familial and will probably grow up to have a similar intelligence to that of its parents. They will most likely adopt the same behavior as it’s believe if you conform to the movements of your peers you will blend in and gain acceptance. The essence of this is shown in Dr Aralia...
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