Conforming to Society

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Conforming to society
Our world and society that we live in today has a great affect on all of us whether we are aware of it or not. Our identity as individuals is based off of our opinions, taste, ideas, interests, style and people we socialize with. We are completely defined by these things that which make up our identity. Individuals or even groups as a whole decide if they want to socialize with us based off of these things, so in a way, our identity determines the types of people we will socialize with and the “crowds” that we may become a part of within our lifetime.

Our identities are formed by us as individuals, but also by the world we live in and the other people who inhabit it. The media, our friends and our families all influence us in one way or another. The media and the opinions of our peers are both things that we consider important. The media can tell us what the latest fashion trend is, tell us about current events, get us interested in some activities that we see other people doing and basically mold us into who we are. However, the media will usually manipulate what we see so we can be influenced in the way that it wants us to be. We all want to belong, even though most of us won’t admit it we want to be accepted by everybody, so to fulfill this desire, we simply make friends with people who we can relate to and have things in common with. Since we look up to these people we will sometimes agree with them and form our own opinions based off of things they say so they are more accepting of us.

I, myself have done this quite a few times in my life. When I was a young freshman, I had my own unique way of dressing, however most of my friends didn’t like my style. They told me every single day, time and time again that I needed to change; it got to the point where they got so sick of what I was wearing that they took me on a shopping spree. I let them dress me up in all sorts of clothes and...
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