Wish and Pen Grants Wishes

Topics: Wish, Father, Mother Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Deztiny Menyhart Honors 1/27/13

It was almost getting dark. I was cold, scared, and hungry. I couldn’t believe that I did this. How could I be so stupid and get lost in the woods? I’ve always went hiking and this is the first time I have ever got completely lost. I mean sure, once in a while I’ll get lost but I would always find my way back. I started to realize that the more I tried to walk around and find my way back, the more lost I got. After two hours I came to my senses and decided to stay in one place. It was beginning to get chilly and that was when I noticed I needed to look for shelter and warmth. As I was starting my fire I heard a loud sound of crumpling leaves, as if someone was stepping on them. I turned around and called out asking if anyone was there. No one replied. A few minutes later I heard it again and then again. This time I decided to get up and check to see what it was. Suddenly an old man came out from behind a tree and said “Are you lost too?” I looked at him with a weird stare and he stared back. “Yes I am. I suppose you are too?” I answered.

“Well I have been lost here for several years…. All because of this lousy thing!” he answered as he threw a pen at me. “This pen? You’re telling me that this pen made you stuck here? I know I don’t know you but perhaps you have been here so long that you’re starting to I don’t know go crazy.” “Oh no, you don’t understand. This pen is magical, but not the good kind of magic you see on television. This is the evil magic.” “Evil? Well how can that be? It’s just a pen.”

“This pen was given to me by a witch several years ago; she told me that it would grant me three wishes. The way the pen works is that you have to write down the wishes and don’t get me wrong they do come true, but you must be very careful about how you wish for them. One night when I was mad, I wished to go somewhere no...
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