Winemaking Methods

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Winemaking methods

Winemaking techniques vary widely in Rioja but a majority of wines produced in Rioja are blends of different types, the most important one of these grapes is undoubtedly Tempranillo. This is the most beloved grape for producing red wine in Rioja and usually stands for more than half of the blend. Tempranillo gives a more elegance and a more refined Rioja wine. One would then use other grapes to compliment the flavor from the Tempranillo grape. Once the wine has been fermented and graded the wines spend long time ageing in oak barrels. The more traditionally producers use American Oak Barrels, to produce a more modern style; the contemporary winemakers use smaller French oak barrels. The later one is receiving more and more appreciation throughout the market. When the wine spends extended barrel aging, Rioja wines rarely throw any sediment in bottle, since they have already left their sediment in the barrel. Decanting is therefore not often necessary. Even though white wines are produced in the Rioja region they were thought of as being much less of quality and their flavor would not be as impressive. Although in recent years White wines from Rioja have now also started to see less oak, and are f more oxidized more fruity and much fresher taste. Growers / Producers

Artadi was founded in 1985 and since that year they have been living after the words; “The value of great wines is closely related to the soil and the people.” Artadi use the traditionally method of producing Rioja wines and the use the grapes from three different locations La Rioja, Navarra and Alicante. Vina El Pison is the Family vineyard for the Artadi and was first planted in 1945. Marques de Grinon

Marques de Grinon is a family owned company whose aim is “to achieve excellence and a differentiated personality.” They have two different estates Dominio de Valdepusa and El Rincón. Dominio de Valdepusa, located in the Toledo municipality of Malpica de Tajo, has...
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