Windsor Castle

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Windsor Field Trip Essay
The Amazing Waterloo Chamber

Windsor castle is one of the most famous castles in the World. It is also an official residence of The Queen and the largest occupied castle in the world. A Royal home and fortress for over 900 years, the Castle remains a working palace today. The Queen uses the Castle both as a private home, where she usually spends the weekend, and as a Royal residence at which she undertakes certain formal duties.

Windsor Castle offers me an historical site full of attractions and beauty. I know that the castle itself was originally established almost a thousand years ago, and as such contains artefacts of the monarchy, including many that have been attained from conquered nations. By looking at the beautiful architecture, portraits, furniture, artefacts, I can totally imagine the luxury lives of the monarchy.

The castle, after centuries of alterations, contains about 1,000 rooms and occupies 13 acres of land. Despite countless additions and reconstruction of the outer walls, the central places of the castle are still in the same position as those of the original castle built by William the Conqueror. The castle is divided into the Upper Ward, the Middle Ward and the Lower Ward. The Upper Ward comprises a number of major buildings enclosed by the upper bailey wall. The Middle Ward is at the heart of the castle, a bailey formed around the artificial hill in the centre of the ward. Lastly, the Lower Ward lies below and to the west of the Round Tower, reached through the Norman Gate. (Wikipedia, 2011)

The Waterloo Chamber
During the field trip, the Waterloo Chamber interested me most. The Waterloo Chamber is a very large room in Windsor Castle built in tribute to the success of the forces of Great Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia at the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815 when Napoleon Bonaparte was finally defeated. (The British Monarchy, 2011).The Chamber was designed by...
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