Create Your Own Museum. What Is It? How Is It Going to Make a Profit?

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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For my museum, I’ve decided that I would “rebuild” Camelot. it will have a moat surrounding the castle with a drawbridge, a gatehouse, a wall walk, merlons, courtyard, stables, tower etc… I would buy a large piece of land and have a castle built and a forest around it. I would have the museum in Glastonbury as the museum is based on the Arthurian legend and Glastonbury has many links to king Arthur (it is said that Glastonbury is Avalon, the resting place of king Arthur and apparently king Arthur’s tomb was found at Glastonbury Abbey). inside the museum I would have rooms with famous paintings of the Arthurian legend; king Arthur, his knights, king Arthur’s death, the lady of the lake, the knights at the round table etc… I would also have rooms with mannequins on display with what people (knights, the kings and queens, servants, villagers, druids etc..) in those times would have worn, a room with Arthur’s throne and the round table, the holy grail and I would have a mini film playing explaining the legend behind the grail and the fisher king who guarded it. I would also have another room educating visitors about a leader called Ambrosius Aurelianus who led the battle of Mynydd Baddon (or as it’s also known, the battle of Mount Badon or Mons Badonicus) between the Romans and the Anglo-Saxons and how it links to king Arthur and the battle of Camlann.

In the courtyard, there will be a show on every three hours, and there will be actors re-enacting some of the famous legends such as the Excalibur being drawn from the stone, the battle of Camlann, the death of king Arthur. visitors will be allowed to walk on the castle grounds and go for walks where there will be actors walking around as knights, servants, villagers, druids or even king Arthur and they’ll talk to visitors about who they are and what they do on a daily basis. there is also an opportunity to have a maximum of 30 people camping overnight in the forest and they will have a tour guide with them to tell...
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