Windshield Survey

African American

Windshield Survey Data Collection Grid and Paper
Carletta Pope and Terra Wheeler
July 25, 2010
Dr. Jamal, MD, MPH

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Windshield Survey

A windshield survey is conducted from a car and provides a visual overview of a community. Conditions and trends in the community that could affect the health of the population are documented and provide background and context for working in the community or for conducting a community survey of Charlotte, NC. For Community Health Nurses to be able to knowledgeably plan services for a community, it is essential to know a specific community, identify health-related resources that may be helpful to members, and learn about gaps in services. The boundaries for Charlotte, NC zip code 28216 include highway 16, state road 24 and interstates 77,277, 85, and 485. The economical status of 28216 contains lower class through middle class with an estimate median income of $45,000 per year. The buildings were mostly built between the years of 1950-1989. Homes are constructed from brick, wood, and vinyl siding. This area contains both single family and multifamily homes. The conditions of these homes range from old and...
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