Windows Server 2008 vs Linux

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In comparing Windows Server 2008 to Linux I found myself overwhelmed. Although extremely popular, easy to use and install Windows Server 2008 seems like a whole different animal than Linux. I found over 600 “distributions” of Linux some that are not all active and approximately 20 are very popular and in high use. There are no versions that are “Standard”, “Ultimate, or” Enterprise “ like. Windows Server 2008 has 7 versions from very easy for a single user and very complex for larger enterprise like users. Windows makes it simple for you to chose what you need and install it. With Linux there are many versions along with so many things that you can do to them yourself to make it your own. Some major differences I found, although I am sure there are more. Linux offers some really neat things that Windows doesn’t. For example:

1. It is “open sourced” which means you don’t need to have a license to work on it and you can put it on as many machines as you wish.

2. It is FREE! Compared to Windows Server 2008 running at around 3. Comes configured for maximum security right out of the box. 4. Runs fast. In the comparson I was reading, they used Windows Vista needing to use 2GB of ram to run smoothly. Linux will run great on any computer including computers from five years ago. 5. Linux is stable. This means it is not easy to crash. It comes with thousands of drivers that are pre-installed so you can put a large amount of hardware on it and it will work on plug in. 6. Linux gives you alternatives on everything . So if there is something you don’t like you can simply remove it and replace it with something else. 7. Supports NTFS and FAT 32 right out of the box.

8. One of the best things I found about it …it doesn’t get viruses.

The more I researched the comparisons of Linux to Windows the more I realize they really don’t compare all that much. Although complex I am very eager to learn more about Linux next quarter. I...
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