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GSN-PWS Release 11 .0 Image for Xerox Field Service May 2011 Read_Me.doc

************PLEASE READ ME CAREFULLY************

Welcome to Win7 SP1 PWS Release 11.0
Release Date: May 31, 2011 This document contains important information regarding your PWS Image which will help get you started and will address issues that you may encounter. 1. Whenever you connect to a network, you will be asked to select a network profile of either Public, Work, or Home. It is recommended that you always select Work when connecting this PWS to the internet and in client locations. Selecting Public will disable many networking features and is the most restrictive


EN_Image_Read_Me_11_0_5_30_2011_FS - Version 1.0

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GSN-PWS Release 11 .0 Image for Xerox Field Service May 2011 Read_Me.doc


Please authorize GSNLock Client on your PWS before you ride the BUS. 3. In order to have the correct number of EDOC records to search in SearchLite, users should first follow the steps mentioned below in order: a) Connect to via Bus Station (default connection), check for downloads and update the machine with the latest BUS2 records. You may need to run this twice in order to get all available updates. b) Install the required EDOC from the CD/DVD or using EDOC Manager DVD. EDOC DVD Manager v1.0.13 is the oldest EDOC Manager DVD set which supports Win7. Any previous versions will not work. SNAPS Installer Volume 30 is the oldest SNAPS DVD that will run on Win7. Any previous version will not work. c) Check for downloads via BUS to have the latest EDOC updates. d) SearchLite will now show the correct number of EDOC records to search 4. You must Activate Windows 7 within 30 days from today. When you ride the BUS, a record will attempt to run a script that should Activate Windows 7 on your PWS. If this fails, please follow the steps below. Failure to Activate Windows 7 within 30 days may lead to the OS becoming unusable. a. Right Click My Computer b. Select Properties. c. Scroll to the bottom of the window that appears, click on Activate Now. d. You must have a live network connection to do so. When the user has to use a dial-up connection to connect automatically to the Bus servers, via BUS Station the IE settings under the Tools->Internet Options->Connections->Dial up settings should be modified temporarily to “Dial whenever a network connection is not present". The first trial to connect to the Internet via dial up shows a message asking for the user to click "connect" Page 2 of 5


EN_Image_Read_Me_11_0_5_30_2011_FS - Version 1.0

GSN-PWS Release 11 .0 Image for Xerox Field Service May 2011 Read_Me.doc




button manually. It also provides a checkbox with text "connect automatically". Once this setting is selected, next time onwards the dial up for Bus Station will dial automatically. To enable this functionality: a. Launch the browser and navigate to Tools->Internet Options>Connections->Dial up settings and select the “Dial whenever a network connection is not present” radio button. b. Click [OK] to close this window. c. With modem line connected to the laptop but not enabled, attempt to connect to the Internet. d. Dial-up Connection window launches. e. Select the “Connect automatically” checkbox and click the [Connect] button. f. After dial-up connects, disconnect dial-up. g. Reset the default dial-up setting under Tools->Internet Options->Connections->Dial up settings to “Never dial a connection” to prevent dial-up launching unexpectedly, for example when trying to create a Eureka tip. UAC (User Account Control) dialog appears every time when Master Installer is run. Users are required to choose “Yes” to run the application, which is required to provide administrator privileges to the application to run successfully. a. UAC dialog also appears every time Master Installer resumes after system reboot. Sometimes...
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