Topics: Emotion, Most Beloved Sister, Love Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Pride and Prejudice
Analysis of Chapter 34:
Austen presents Lizzie and Darcy’s relationship in chapter 34 as a complicated, and rather difficult. She expresses the pair as being in antithesis to one another. Elizabeth is surprised when Darcy declares his love for her and proposes. But while expressing his love he notifies her of the huge space between their social position, remarking that Elizabeth could hardly expect him to "rejoice" in her "inferior connections“ after showing raw emotion, as being completely honest in acknowledging that he cannot help ‘her inferiority – of it being a degradation- of the family obstacles’. Offended by his pride, Elizabeth overpoweringly refuses him. She penetratingly states her main reasons for disliking him being; his role in ‘ruining, perhaps for ever, the happiness of a most beloved sister’ and his treatment of Mr. Wickham. Darcy rages from her one sided judgment of him from Mr. Wickham, she replies that his arrogant proposal to her prevented her from feeling distress for him she "might have felt had you behaved in a more gentlemanlike manner". Notes and Quotes from Chapter:

* ‘Agitated manner’ – he didn’t know what to do?
* ‘Cold civility’- she responded motionlessly which suggests she doesn’t actually like him at this point in the story. * ‘In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.’ This is his first declaration of love to Lizzie and as this is in chapter 34 of 66, this reinforces that it has taken Darcy nearly half the book to admit his love for Lizzie for the first time. Also, the quote consists of a series of short declaratives which may show the emotional tension. Also, it may depict that Darcy finds it awkward to proclaim his feelings which portrays him to be an archetypal Victorian man. * ‘His sense of her inferiority- of its being a degradation- of the family obstacles...’ parenthetic punctuation...
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