Explore the Methods Which Writers Use to Develop the Ways in Which Their Characters See and Understand Their Own Worlds in 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'the Yellow Wallpaper'

Topics: Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Explore the methods which writers use to develop the ways in which their characters see and understand their own worlds in 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'The Yellow Wallpaper' Austen first published ‘Pride and Prejudice’ in 1813 the novella touches on several themes such as prejudice, first impressions and pride; themes that individually define the main characters. Charlotte Perkin Gilman an American writer first published ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ in 1892, the novella touches upon attitudes in the nineteenth century towards women’s physical and mental health. Writers tend to contrast characters hoping to intrigue the readers in the variation of characterisation. Throughout this essay I will illustrates the ways in which characters see and understand their own worlds through ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen and ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkin Gilman. Darcy is the character most often associated with pride and Elizabeth Bennett with prejudice. Ironically the novel was originally called ‘First Impressions’ an aspect Darcy seems to lack originally. Understanding the world can be perceived in many different aspects; literally or figuratively. The protagonists; Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy capture our attention from the beginning of the novel. Austen is able to contradict the patriarchal society that existed in the nineteenth century, as she builds Elizabeth to be rational, strong and independent. Women were mainly seen in this time to entertain yet Elizabeth did not carry these traits. Her perspective of the world was different to how her mother saw her future, she rejects two men of which rank highly on the social ladder proposal towards her. Ironically she ends the novel marrying the wealthiest of them all. Whereas, Darcy originally is not fond of Elizabeth ‘She is tolerable, I suppose, but not handsome enough to tempt me’ his second glance at her changes his judgement he describes her eyes to be. Darcy emits a character full of pride and...
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