William Wordsworth

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  • Published : June 24, 2011
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What kind of poet was Wordsworth? Write about his life and his place in Romantic poetry. Explicate (explain) one of his poems, or compare and contrast a few of his poems. WILLIAM WORDSWORTH, who was considered as the one the nest romantic poet in his era, was born in 1770, at Cockermouth, on the Derwent, located in Cumberland. His family history is very much similar to the Scott’s; as like Scott he was also the son of an attorney, law-agent to the earl of Lonsdale, a prosperous man in his profession, descended from an old Yorkshire family of landed gentry. His mother is also belonging to a sophisticated family background that was connected with the middle territorial class. From his schooling in Penrith and Hawkshead Grammar school to the study in St John's College, Cambridge – Wordsworth have decided his career path in field of poetry and his natural sense of liking to the nature and closeness to the local people and environment had helped him a lot in getting clarity and success in its path. Today Wordsworth's poems are widely read articles in the words and even included in the curriculum of various colleges to understand the history and basics of the romantic poetry. William Wordsworth's natural tendency of explaining facts in dictions have greatly helped in evoking the senses in his poems and made his poetry very much real to the readers while they reads the poem. This uniqueness of Wordsworth always considered having universal appeal, which was also explained by the Wordsworth himself in his own words, on his role, what it meant for him, and about the poetry; which called "the most philosophical of all writing" whose objective is to establish “truth...carried alive into the heart by passion". Wordsworth and Coleridge had jointly produced Lyrical Ballads(1798), which have created revolutionary impact on the English Romantic movement. However in that particular volume, both are not mentioned as author. Wordsworth's one of the most popular poems was, "Tintern...
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