Wii Fit Promotion

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  • Published : January 31, 2011
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Nintendo knows that it has a unique and attractive product to a wide demographic at an affordable price. To generate the sales and profits that we have forecasted though will require all of the above features to be effectively communicated to our customers. This is where promotion enters the marketing mix. This mix will consist of a blend of personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and web site. Our promotional strategy will be based on the Wii Fit target audience and their goals. Personal Selling

Personal selling consists of communicating orally with potential customers with the ultimate intention of selling the product. This will involve the retailers who carry the Wii Fit, primarily Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, HH Gregg, Toys R Us, and several smaller specialty gaming shops such as GameStop. The sales staff at these retailers must be educated on the Wii Fit system and games in order to be effective at personal selling, as this is the best method for communicating detailed information and features of our product. Personal selling is also a highly interactive part of promotion. They must have relationship building skills with their customers, have the ability to engage in dialog with a broad customer mix, and most importantly, they must be able to “close the sale”. Advertising

For our marketing purposes, advertising will be considered a paid form of communication intending to inform and persuade our viewers and readers to purchase our product, the Wii Fit. The aspects of our advertising are the message and the medium, or what we want the message to say, and how we get this message across. The main advantage of advertising is that a company can effectively reach a wide audience, and build awareness. Nintendo can do this repetitively to build customer trust and position our Wii Fit strongly in the gaming market. Advertising is a form of mass selling, and although it is impersonal, it is necessary for brand recognition....
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