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Examination should not be abolish in school

Lecture name: Mr.Joseph Alagiaraj

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Examination should not be abolish in school
It is important to have examinations in schools. If you do not have examinations that are standard across the country, how will you know if schools are teaching students what they need to learn? Without exams, some schools could be letting students pass easily without learning much. Therefore, exams are needed so all schools will have to meet the same high standards. Body 1:

One reason why examination should not be abolish in school because it compel students to learn. • Without examinations, students would become lazy and take their studies too easily • They will then slowly think that studies is not so important • It is just a waste of money for students going to school without a clear goal. Body 2:

Another reason is Examinations are a way of testing the knowledge and skill of students. • Examinations help students to measure their performances in any subjects • Examinations create competitions which motivates them to work hard • Teachers and parents will notices the students weaknesses and may know how to help them Body 3:

On the other hand,it may Lead students to be succesfull in future • If a person succeeds and scores good grades then it helps them to get scholarship • Good grades in the final examinations will confirm them to gain places in universities • Students who succeeds in their examinations will put them in good reputations and perceptions among their communities.

Conclusion :
In short, examinations should be remain in every school as it is the way of creating smart generations days ahead, some improvements in the examinations questions level in every schools should be done to ensure best achievements of students are same...
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