Why K-Pop Should Be Banned

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Argumentative Essay
K-Pop wave should be banned in Malaysia.
Nowadays, in the fast pacing world, the explosion of technology has brought everything underneath our hand. We can clearly see the generation gap that made the world now and the past ten years is different. The patterns of life changing and all sorts of routine thing that involved us are different too. In the past ten years, the outside culture will take a long time to absorb in our country. It’s a different situation now, with everything at our fingertip, and the simple example would be in the entertainment industry. The latest fashion, style, music, film, movie and in a simple word, an entertainment will easily enter our country without hesitation and no boundaries.

I don’t agree that K-pop culture should be banned in Malaysia. We should see this matter in a positive side. There may be advantages of this wave. For example, it will add a variety of music in our country. If we can accept the western culture and their entertainment, why should we ban others? We should be more open-minded but it doesn’t mean that we should just blindly receive; we are now in the world of 21st century where all people are gifted with education and high knowledge so, we need to consider all the good and bad sides of the entertainment that will get into our country.

Next, most of teenagers are attracted to K-pop culture because they want to release their tension or stress from their work because sometimes the day just won’t go the way you wanted it to be. The bands from Korea are known for their energetic performance and full of spirit. They gave their all when they stand on the stage and treat their fans will lot of love. When we are bored, the vitamin that we need is their ambitious performance that will surely rise up our mood and make us smile and completely cure our fatigue.

Although some might said that k-pop will only addicted and wasted our time but as long as we can manage...
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