Why I Should Act Maturely and Behave Appropriately in Class

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Firstly, be courteous. You need to use manners. People find it rude and irritating when you interrupt them during a conversation. It also makes you seem very immature and silly. Also, don’t play with things, look away or fidget as this can distract the rest of the class. Just listen with your eyes and ears. Furthermore, be helpful by holding doors open for others and pick things up that people may have dropped. Finally, always accept compliments nicely as the chances are, they will probably help you. In the same way, take criticism as well. Though it might not all be valid, some of the points could help you improve.

Secondly, learn to control your temper. Above all, if somebody does something you don't agree with, try not to shout or carry on. Instead, let it go if it is a minor matter. If you must say something or disagree with someone, do so respectfully with a calm tone of voice. When you want to quiet down others, yelling and shouting makes it worse. Simply say, "May I have your attention please" until they listen.

Thirdly, avoid trying to be the center of attention all the time. People will notice that you want attention and it will make you look childish. Remember that people will enjoy listening to your contribution, as long as its sensible and you allow them to add to it as well.

Finally, follow your class contract, of which consists of the following rules; Put your hand up - Don’t interrupt your teacher when he/she is speaking to the class. Instead, put your hand up and wait for the teacher to answer you. Homework completed on time - Make sure that you both complete and hand in your homework by its due date. Respect and listen to each other - Respect and listen to all of your classmates as what they have to say might be of interest or help to you. Do Everything to the Best of Your Ability - Whatever work you are doing, do it to the best of your ability as good quality work will always be rewarded and also, whenever you are pressing...
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