Why I Love Counseling

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Emotion Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: March 6, 2012
I feel that Drug and Alcohol Counseling is a perfect fit for me because I qualify as a recovering addict and I know what I liked or disliked about my previous counselors, and here are several additional reasons that support my interest in the field.

I love working with people, especially when lending a hand. I was raised around family businesses and throughout all my work experiences I can say that I truly have enjoyed any trade or industry that had me around people. I remember when I worked as a café manager I would see new faces everyday and many returning customers also. There was no other sensation like it that could fill me with true joy, when I could get the people to smile. I made it a challenge on occasion to get those in bad moods or persons that were not feeling well, to smile anyway and to take on a new perception for that day that lied ahead of them. This was very rewarding to me and at times when I couldn’t get them to feel better no matter what was said or done, it played in my mind and I would actually remember the person, even by name and would wait for them to return for my second or third chance to make a difference in their lives, even if it were just for that one day or even one moment.

I guess along the roadway of life I have done many things in which I regret. It’s not to say that I haven’t forgiven myself, it’s just that certain people that I have hurt emotionally, I wish I hadn’t. Working in Drug and Alcohol Counseling will give me not only a foundation for my life financially but it will also provide me with a clean conscious knowing that I’m giving back for all the wrong I’ve done, knowing that I’m contributing towards those wrongs as if it were my payment plan for an old debt. Along the same lines, I will be plugged in and aware of my own recovery, reminding myself every day of what I need to do, where I’ve been, and where I do not want to return.

Additionally, helping others feeds my spirit with great intensity and also...
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