Philosophy of Counseling

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Philosophy of Counseling
One of the various definitions of an effective counselor includes being well-versed and educated within a theoretical approach. However, most importantly having a working knowledge and practice of specific skills related to the theory. Therefore, defining your theoretical approach and beginning to put those skills into practice is essential to providing effective therapy to prospective clients. Part of finding the most appropriate personal theoretical approach is to first be authentic. Authenticity will assist one in choosing an appropriate theoretical approach which fits with personal beliefs. Therefore, I chose Cognitive Behavioral Theory because it helps me to be the most effective counselor. I am able to easily apply the techniques because it fits so well with my personality, therefore sessions are more authentic when I am true to who I am as a counselor. When I am passionate about what I believe in I am better able to build substantial therapeutic relationships with my clients, sharpen my cognitive-behavioral tools, and continue to grow as a counselor. Also CBT can be used for a wide variety of disorders therefore easily utilized with almost any client. My personal approach to counseling is on the collaborative relationship. The counselor assists the client in identifying dysfunctional beliefs. The counselor also discovers alternative rules for living for the client. The therapist acts as the teacher and teaches new abilities and skills to the client. This is where the A-B-C model acts as acrucial ingredient in the implementation of cognitive reasoning within the client. “The therapist promotes corrective experiences that lead to learning new skills” (An Integrative Perspective. Pg. 468.). The client understands their problem better and practice changing self-defeating ways, such as, acting and thinking. In this way, it is important to maintain a truthful, secure,...
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