Why I Learn English

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Why I learn English
Learning English is necessary for my future career. Nowadays, practically every prestigious and well-plaid job, not only working as an English teacher, requires proficiency in this language. Those who know English, have a big advantage on the labour-market over those who don’t. But it certainly isn’t the only reason why I learn English. I have been interested in studying foreign languages since I went to school, and I always knew that my future profession would be connected with linguistics. I believe that the mentality of every nation is closely connected with its language. It’s impossible to translate any text from one language into another without slight changing of its meaning. Every language has some set-phrases and sayings that can’t be translated word for word. So, when you learn to think in a foreign language, you begin to think in a different way. You can see the world from a different viewpoint. To my mind, it compensates the time spent on studying the language. One another reason why I study English is connected with general intellectual development. Scientists have proved that learning languages serves as an excellent training for our brain. When a person learns one foreign language, other languages become easier for him or her to learn. On the whole, he or she begins to understand better all subjects, even if they are not connected with linguistics. Moreover, learning English provides me with extra opportunities. For example, I can understand, what my favorite musical bands sing: it’s extremely important for me, as I’m a music lover. Of course, one can like a song just because it sounds tuneful, but I prefer to understand the message that the author wanted to pass to the listeners. In addition, I can read books and watch movies in the original. It’s very useful, as the interpretation not always can transmit the richness of the author’s language, the subtlety of his thoughts. Another...